Vinyl Artist Poll – Jason Jacenko

This is the sixth of ten artist profiles we’re presenting as we lead up to our Vinyl Artist Poll
in which we’ll ask you to vote for the artist you’d most like to see
work in vinyl. The poll is strictly for fun and to get a read on what
you like art wise. Click on each of the paintings to read a description of the piece by the artist.

Jason Jacenko

As a working artist, I’ve honed my skills as a tattooist since the early 90’s, and this in turn has helped me develop a diverse style in my painting and a lot of other media, including sculpture and computer animation.  When creating, I find I draw on all these skills to crwate something I’m happy with.

Painting has been something that I’ve been drawn to since a very early age — As far as I can remember I’ve always been an artist, and art is something I’ve always found peace in doing.  For me the process is an escape into a weird and wonderful world, where the impossible is possible – A place in which I can feel happy even on the darkest of days.  Staying true to myself, I’ve found that it’s easy for these feelings to flow through to the viewers, giving them a brief glimpse into my world, and on the odd occasion a smile, too