Vinyl Artist Poll: Speto

This is the fourth of ten artist profiles we’re presenting as we lead up to our Vinyl Artist Poll in which we’ll ask you to vote for the artist you’d most like to see work in vinyl. The poll is strictly for fun and to get a read on what you like art wise.


"I was 14 years old when I first started to paint graffiti. My roots come from hip-hop, from the old school, from seeing films like Beat Street.  And from skateboarding, which to me seemed to be all about fun, and being a free spirit.  Skateboarding also led to a lot of innovation in graphic art, and encouraged us to play with techniques, to develop effortless flair.  The good thing was that we did not have much information, which helped to build our style.

Brazil is a real mix of cultures, and I’m so blessed to have so many kinds of inspiration around me.  Sao Paulo unites many people from Brazil and from around the world.  With four million cars and 19 million inhabitants, it never stops.  Legends and myths are a strong source of stimulation, as are cartoonists like Chico and illustrators like grilo, who have a very strong ironic style.  I’ve also been greatly inspired by the Cordel poetry booklets that are sold in craft stalls in the countryside here.  Everything I see influences me. I’m always searching for innocence or dignity in simple things and in people too.”

[Source: Fact Magazine]