Vinyl Artist Poll – Dylan Sisson

Today we’re presenting the  2nd of 10 artist profiles we’re running as part of our Vinyl Artist Poll project, which started yesterday.  After all ten artists have been profiled, we’ll open the poll up for voting.  This is strictly to gauge peoples tastes and quite honestly for fun.  For more info, please see  the introductory post.

Dylan Sisson

Dylan Sisson was raised in Washougal in Washington State. He left Washougal to study typography,
printmaking and comic books. He
currently resides in San Francisco,
where he draws and paints wall-eyed curiosities with big teeth. His projects have ranged from the book arts
to animation to painting. His
independent animations have been screened in festivals on six of this planet’s
seven continents. His forays into
painting have led to various gallery showings peppered along the west
coast. Invariably, the subjects chosen
by Mr. Sisson are those things that are at once compelling and repugnant,
things that scribble outside of desire and disgust. Creepy cute.”

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