Seen: Under the Influence – A Tribute to Stan Lee

Under the Influence: A Tribute to Stan Lee opened last night (1.08.08) @ Gallery 1988 to a constant crowd and line out the door and around the corner for most of the night.  Stan Lee made his rounds through the gallery early (6 PM or so) and clearly enjoyed seeing artists’ interpretations of his famous superheroes. People leaned and peered around and over others to get a shot or multiple shots of the legendary creator.  Good times.

Overall the quality of the show  was quite strong.  Most artists seemed to stick to the most iconic characters rather than going deep into the vault.     Rather than run through a list of highlights, I’ll just let the pics speak for themselves. 

Towards 9 PM or so, 3 Spiderman and Punisher emblazoned custom cars rolled up to the front of the Gallery with  window-shaking and body numbing bass.  I swear the music wasn’t that loud standing right next to them shooting ’em as cars whizzed by.  The line had thinned a bit but people were still waiting at 9:30.  If you missed the show, go check it out.

Gallery 1988
7020 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038