Proto Monday >> Moko

Last week we brought you the first turnarounds from   Muttpop’s upcoming Tcho! mini-fig series featuring six characters from the monthly french comic anthology of the same name. The series will feature characters from six strips, all interpreted into 3d form by Ohm. Today, for Proto Monday we’re bringing you an exclusive first look at  Moko one of Ohm’s characters in his Bao Battle strip.   Moko is an enigma at first glance, a nimble and slender deer-like creature with a skull mask.  He is in fact a master of the ancient ways of Bao Battle  — a forgotten means of resolving conflicts through non-violent competition.   

This in-progress sculpt was done by Lester and Erick Sosa. While there are some revisions to be done, it’s fairly close to Ohm’s original turnarounds including the  bow tie knot of the mask.  When complete, Moko will stand 4" tall.  Keep watching Vinyl Pulse for more on the Tcho! series.