Bill Hand and Bob Conge – Night Gamer

Here’s a first look at  Plaseebo Custom’s  first edition of the Night Gamer (7"), co-designed by Bill Hand and Bob Conge.  The Night Gamers are a race of beings from a parallel universe who have managed to enter our universe with the sole purpose of gaming albeit in a non-traditional manner.  The beings which travel in pairs use their probes to connect directly to a human being’s brain and use his or her thoughts and experiences as the raw material to construct a game to challenge one another. 

The first ultra-limited edition, hand-painted by Bob Conge, is  rotocast in blue vinyl with a GID probe, blue inset eyes, a color changing LED embedded in the head, and a GID brain accessory (not pictured)The header card is illustrated by Plaseebo’s third artist, John Kastner. Talk about loaded to the brim. This and future ultra limited editions will be strictly limited to 20 or fewer pieces worldwide.n  So if you’re looking for something different both aesthetically and production wise, check out this first edition of Night Gamer which will drop next week directly from Plaseebo Custom’s Web Store.