Vivisect Playset Drops on 1.26.08

Curated by Luke Chueh and Gallery 1988, the Vivisect Playset annual art show is a rousing success and has helped to grow the appreciation for postbrow art.  Ever since it’s been announced, people have been lookingforward to the release of the  Vivisect Playset miniseries featuring seven of the artists who have powered the show to its current popularity. From L to R above we have   Stella & ‘Roo by Pete Gronquist, Baby-Eating Crocodile by Amanda Visell, Scurvy Nevil by Greg Simkins, Ledkins by Joe Ledbetter & Greg Simkins, Slugworth by Thomas Han, Clean One by Anthony Ausgang, Mugs Bunny by Luke Chueh, and King of the Deadbeets by Joe Ledbetter. These are the regular colorways — expect alternate colorways.  We know there’s a naturally colored Baby-Eating Crocodile (released at Baby Tattooville) and it wouldn’t surprise us if there was at least one special artist colorway for each piece (a guess on our part).

The wait is almost over…  Jointly produced by STRANGEco and Gallery 1988, Vivisect Playset will be released at Gallery 1988  Los Angeles on Saturday, January 26th 2008.  Most of the series artists will be signing at the event which will also include giveaways — make plans to be there.

Gallery 1988
7020 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038