Gargamel Lucky Bags – Kaiju New Year @ Rotofugi

Chicago area Kaiju fans are about to reap the spoils of Rotofugi’s participation in Super7’s Kaiju Network…  Kaiju New Year goes down from 2 to 3 PM Central tomorrow (1.1.08) at their Chicago brick ‘n mortal store.   Gargamel Lucky Bags!  Two versions up for grabs — 2008 Gargamel New Year’s Lucky Bag ($400) and Gargamel presents 2008 Invisible Kaiju Pack ($250).  The contents of the New Year’s Bag are secret — gotta buy one to find out.  The Invisible Kaiju Pack contains mini figures by five of Japan’s best Kaiju companies (Rumble Monsters, Charactics, Gargamel, Buster Call and Sunguts) in translucent colored vinyl with randomly inserted hand painted chase figures. Comes packed in a specially painted M1 Egg. Both the Lucky Bag and the Invisible Kaiju packs are limited to one per customer. The packs will also feature randomly inserted hand-painted chase figures.   Plus Rotofugi will be offering an secret Rotofugi exclusive pre-release of a Gargamel Cronic figure that won’t officially be available until the fifth. 

What if you don’t live in the Windy City?  Rats!  Well, if there are any left over, Rotofugi will make them available online.  So keep a close eye on their online store ūüėČ

Rotofugi Designer Toy Store & Gallery
1953 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622