Bob Conge’s Hand Cast Son of Sum Figures

Bob Conge’s Son of Sum lives!  Son of Sum, a product of  mysterious evil forces and man’s polluting ways, is a stunning design —  simultaneously creepy and super cool with just a touch of cute (he’s the cutest garbage muck beastie we’ve ever seen). Bob’s released the first three hand cast urethane editions of this dark yet really ingenious figure in the Plaseebo Custom webstore

The three released figures offer different color schemes each hand painted by Bob– blue and purple with blue eyes + GID mouth (P1), day glow green with red eyes + GID mouth (P2), black + gold speck with frosted blue eyes (p4).  Each figure is made in the USA and measures 6" long x 4.75" high and 4.75" wide.  Each edition is ultra limited — currently only one of each is available.  Prices range from $450 to $550.  And if you’re  looking for something über special and BIG — check out the rainbow-hued handcast Sum figure (9" x 8" x 5").