Star Wars Mimobots Series 2

Mimoco has just announced Star Wars Mimobots Series 2 featuring the creme de la creme — Princess Leia (3500 pcs), Luke Skywalker (3500 pieces), Boba Fett (3500 pieces) and Han Solo (2500 pieces).  While Series 1 was pretty awesome, series 2 is light years beyond in our opinion (slight exaggeration… but we dig ’em)  .  Dig the ‘toon approach — kinda like super deformed Star Wars.  USB sticks have never looked better. Hardcore Mimobot fans will notice that these new Star Wars designs feature special caps — both ‘Fett and Skywalker have helmet caps which reveal the face when removed and Leia and Solo have stylized ‘do caps.    These new Mimobots are available for preorder now and will ship in Late January / February ’08.