MINDstyle’s Buff Monster Mini Figures Now Available

MINDstyle’s 1.5" Buff Monster Mini Figures are now available at select designer toy retailers for a suggested retail of $5.99 each. For this new series, Buff Monster has taken a minimalistic approach playing off color and shape.  Packaged blind in a clever ice cream style container, this first wave of the brand new minis features  Buff’s iconic characters in a colorful mix.  Additionally, it feaures the black on black Liqorice editions.    MINDstyle reserves their black colorways for their premium releases from Michael Lau to Kathie Olivas.  The coveted black figures will only be available in this first initial release — once they’re gone, they’re gone.  To top things off, there’s the 1/48 Cotton Candy chase figure.    The second  wave will hit in early ’08 with all new ice cream flavors.

What’s a Flavorway?  It’s a candy flavor — a twist on the colorway.   In the first quarter of ’08, the creative forces behind MINDstyle and Kaching Brands will  bring things full circle by  going  back to the roots of the mini-figure craze  with the launch of their  Flavorway lines featuring mini-figs packed with candy.