tokidoki Cactus Pups (12.07)

The new blind-boxed Cactus Pups minifig (1") series is the latest addition to tokidoki’s wildly successful Cactus Friends line of vinyl figures from STRANGEco.  While all the  original Cactus Friends toys are popular, Bastardino is clearly the fan favorite.  The Cactus Pups series multiplies Bastardino’s magic with seven new pups each coming with a very mini accessory (dog bowl, skull, soccer ball, mini grim reaper figure + more).   From the ‘pup tower’ picture above there’s Riposino on the top row, Citolina, Salamino, &  Timidina on the middle row, with Bastardino Jr., Tortellino,  and Malandrino on the bottom row. Please note that the pictured figures are prototypes and may very slightly from the final figures.

The Cactus Pups are a strong follow-up announcement to the recently announced Cactus Cats and are the second blind-boxed tokidoki series following the Moofia. The Cactus Pups will drop in December ’07 with a suggested retail of $4.99 each.