Tamo Custom Contest @ Custom Toy Lab

Custom Toy Lab has just announced a  Halloween Tamo design competition.  While Alfredo Mejia’s Tamo ("Te Amo") by Crazy Label is often used for ‘cute’ designs, this competition shakes things up a bit in the Halloween spirit by focusing on the dark, scary, and if you must… scary cute designs.  Submit  up to three designs using the Tamo template (front view only) by October 31st.   The creators of the top 10 designs as selected by the judging panel (Custom Toy Lab, Crazy Label, Vinyl Pulse, Toysrevil and UrbanRetro) will each win five blank TAMO DIYs for their efforts.   Check out the official contest page for the lowdown and the template.  We’re stoked to be one of the sponsors for this competition — let’s see if you can scare the &#$@! out of us.