Mist – Goldorus Original + Dark Drop Today (10.24.07)

Both the Dark and the Original  Goldorus vinyl figures designed by  Mist have cleared customs and will drop in a few hours  @  the Bonustoyz web store.  Both the Dark (349 pieces) and the Original (149 pieces) will sell for 119 euros (~ $170) + shipping.  The Original colorway is a Bonustoyz exclusive paying homage to Grandizer, the inspiration for Goldorus, and will only be available @ the Bonustoyz store.  Small quantities of the Dark Goldorus will be distributed to select retailers. 

This is one of the premiere releases of the year — combining Mist’s devilish style with a well-done homage to the old-school Japanese Grandizer.  Goldorus is mean and lean with an ‘exploding’ fist (spring loaded) ala the old Japanese robot toys plus  weapon that converts from two axes to a dual-tipped instrument of death.