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Sep 18, 2007

Seen: Beyond the Cel @ Mesa Arts Center

Exploring the influence of cartoons and animation on modern contemporary art, Beyond the Cel opened this past Friday (9.14) @ the Mesa Arts Center.  This museum show featured the work of several artists who incorporate cartoon-based elements into their work -- Ron English, Gary Baseman, Sket One, KRK Ryden, Anthony Ausgang, Andrew Brandou, The Brothers McLeod, Ryan Bubnis, Michelle Valigura and Amanda Visell. We didn't make it out for the show but we're stoked to show these pics of the opening from Barnaby Wasson, Ryan Bubnis and Sket One

Beyond the Cel is  a strong step in the  growing recognition of lowbrow and pop surrealism as fine art throughout the country.   It's a welcome sight to have vinyl art toys and plush featured in a museum setting.  From the retrospective display of toys to the rainbow spectrum display of Sket One's upcoming Ripple and Michelle Valigura's giant plush Cuddle Fish, the definition of museum worthy art is expanding -- for the better.  Curated by Mike Goodwin, Beyond the Cel runs through February 10th, 2008.

Mesa Arts Center
1 East Main Street
PO Box 1466
Mesa, Arizona 85211-1466

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