Itokin Park – Mikazukin

Mikazukin is Itokin Park’s (Kazuhiko Ito) next vinyl figure coming from Japanese boutique and brand, One Up .  Mikazukin’s hybrid Japanese name combines Mikazuki (‘Crescent’) and Zukin (‘hood’).  Itokin’s Mikazukin are moon-dwelling fairies of color and reflection. This new figure has a more subtle and delicate vibe than the robo — closer to Kawadoji aesthetically.  The Crescent Moon Hood which sets this design apart is pretty cool.

As with all of Itokin’s creations, he created the character design and then sculpted and casted Mikazukin in resin by hand.  Standing 5" tall, the production figure has 5 points of articulation (head, arms, and legs) and is made of 100% Japanese vinyl.  The first figure is due in October of this year in either a clear orange or clear yellow edition.  These shots are of the resin sculpt (grey) and the wax cast (light green). Btw, have I ever mentioned that I’m completely hopeless when it comes to clear vinyl ?!?   Check back shortly for the first test shot of  Mikazukin in vinyl.