Veggiesomething’s House of Liu + Giveaway

Chicago Artist Veggiesomething’s House of Liu figure line  from Crazylabel features two brave ancient Chinese warriors – Di Di (Little Brother) and Mei Mei (Little Sister) bent on revenge against the Manchurians of the Qing Dynasty.  First released at this year’s TTF, the streamlined graphical style and asian styling of these figures have caught on with many collectors.  Di Di  ($39.99) and Mei Mei ($49.99) each come with a stylized sword and are available now from finer art toy retailers.

To celebrate the recent release of the House of Liu — Vinyl Pulse has teamed up with Crazylabel to bring you the House of Liu giveaway.  To enter for a chance to win the regular edition colorways of both Di Di and Mei Mei, simply enter a comment to this post and be sure to enter your real email address when prompted to do so. One winner will be chosen randomly.  The deadline to enter is Monday August 6th @ 8 PM PDT.

Giveaway Rules
1. To enter write a comment to this post.

2. Deadline to enter is Monday, August 6th, 2007 @ 8 PM PDT 
3. Duplicate entries will result in disqualification.

4.  One randomly chosen winner will receive the regular colorway editions of  the Di Di and Mei Mei figures.
5. Winner must respond to our notification within 72 hours.

272 Replies to “Veggiesomething’s House of Liu + Giveaway”

  1. OMG?! mei mei was only $50?!?!?! if i had known that when i was at comic con… shed already be in my home…
    that james liu is really nice too ^___^

  2. Awesome.. I like this one alot.One day I will win one of these contests here on vinyl pulse.. I shall be patient.

  3. Its nice that both figures are offered at the same time so people can have a pair or a single. These look great; as does the Rotofugi-exclusive colourway!

  4. Actually got to meet James Liu (a.k.a Veggiesomething) when I was @ Chicago’s own Rotofugi last week. I was just shopping and talking to the clerk about the House of Liu Rotofugi exclusive figs and he literally just walks in right as we’re discussing his work. How cool is that!!! He couldn’t be a nicer or more gracious guy and i hope that these designs are a huge success.

  5. I’ve had my eye on these two for a while now. And… Thanks to Vinylpulse for all of these sick contests, I just might have these sooner than later.

  6. I have preordered the Rotofugi’s exclusive version of this, and can’t wait to get my hands on the colorways!!

  7. There so frig’n cool ! I promise to give them a nice home. That’s if i’m lucky enough to get picked.

  8. Gosh I like these… if I can’t win them then I’ll need to get some shipped over to me in little ol’ NZ.

  9. So cute! One of these would look perfect on my work desk. (Next to the Scary Girl toys, some weird burnt toast guy from Germany and my 10 My Little Ponies)

  10. Cool Chinese Warriors ! Like the swords. Good to see that since the days of Jason Choy’s Chinghead figures the theme is still alive in the UVTS, for me it still projects the most “Asian” feel.

  11. Vinyl Pulse… you’re awesome with this endless string of giveaways, contests, etc!
    I really like these figures. I really want the rotofugi exclusives also… they’re so cuuute!

  12. these are awesome!!! i have been waiting to see them in real life since the prototypes last year. i cannot wait! great designs, great paints, great characters.

  13. A bit of a bite off of the munny/dunny look but still very cool especially the color scheme and accessories.

  14. Hey! Mei Mei looks a little like my girlfriend!.. Except for the sword, the mickey mouse-hair, squat little body, and…. ah forget it!
    Cool figure’s tho!

  15. Wow, I don’t really like vinyl toys that much, but this is really cool.
    I think I will get one ASAP :]

  16. must… have… hyper…ventilating…will…pass…out…soon…if…i…don’t …get…birthday…on…august…8…would…be…nice…present…whew!

  17. These are wicked sweet. I can’t wait to buy them if I have to. Though my wallet would appreciate it if I could win them lol. August is gonna hurt:/.

  18. luvin the kung fu. and if ur interested in more of Veggiesomething’s art and happen to be in chicago, check out and their gallery for a chance at buying an exclusive version of the House of Liu. peace

  19. Wow, that’s one of the slickest designs I’ve seen you have up for competition in a good while. I’m salavating over here.

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