Toy of the Week — DCTO: Jibun Project by Dacosta Bayley

The DCTO: Jibun Project created by Dacosta Bayley is our selection for The Toy of the Week.  DCTO (Dreams Come True Object) is Dacosta’s modern interpretation of the traditional Daruma Doll. Daruma Dolls are representations of the historical figure, Bodidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism.   These art objects are often used when embarking on large projects or undertakings — the left eye is colored in at the start of the project, and the right upon completion. 

Standing 7" tall and 6.25" wide and made of ATBC (phthalate free vinyl), the DCTO Art Toy Brush Series currently features six colorways produced by Chocolate Soop. The DCTO figure will automatically right itself when knocked over, embodying the Japanese saying ‘Nanakorobi yaoki’, "Fall 7 times, rise 8 times”. This feature symbolizes the persistence required to accomplish difficult yet worthwhile tasks.   The three standard colorways are Temple Red, Emperor’s Yellow and  Sumi-e Black. Stone Garden Grey (200 pcs) and Sakura Pink GID (100 pcs) round out the regular assortment.  In addition, ToyQube recently released their SDCC Exclusive ‘Ghost’ GID edition (150 pcs). DCTO is  now available from select art toy retailers.

About Dacosta Bayley

a ‘guru’ of vector illustration, Dacosta is a
self-taught, award winning, multi-faceted illustrator/designer who
started drawing from the moment he realized crayons make better tools
of expression than snacks. Born in Barbados, Dacosta arrived in
Canada in 1973 and lived in Montreal, Toronto, and Edmonton, before
making Vancouver home in 1995. Designing art professionally for the
past 10 years, Dacosta is currently among the few, if not the only,
dedicated toy designer based in Vancouver and is the founder of
CHOCOLATE SOOP INC. Influenced by Japanese art and design, his
innovation challenges existing conventions and concepts while
maintaining, as noted by a client, “a rare combination of
artistic vision, technical execution and commercial sensibility”.
He demonstrates a “finely honed grasp of what does and does not
resonate with his intended audience”, creating designs which
“communicate familiarity without stooping to cliché”
and characters which possess “weight and depth…wit and

has produced designs for numerous clients  across various media including print and the web
to animation, film and manufactured toys. He is also currently focusing on his own original art projects including the recently-released DCTO art toys and  in-progress 3D childrens animation projects.

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  1. After seeing people’s sketches from Comic Con, these pieces have been growing on me…. The colors are simple yet appear to be well thoughtout (including the black on black). Nice work.

  2. they’re all cool colours…still thinking which i like best but think it might be red. daxx is a designer genius with the mad skills. love to see more drawings and toys from you.

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