Toy Karma @ Rotofugi (9.8.07)

Update: Corrected opening reception time (7 – 11 PM). Plaseebo Customs exclusive. More links!

Curated by Mark Nagata (Max Toy Company), Toy Karma  opening  at  Rotofugi on September 8th, 2007 (7 to 11 PM) celebrates the art and toys of a distinguished group of artists inspired by classic Japanese toys.  This large show is set to offer a compelling overview of the energetic and burgeoning Kaiju movement as intrepreted by   Bear Model, Tim Biskup, Blobpus, CCP, Chanmen, Bob Conge, Ralph Cosentino, Cronic, Dream Rockets, Bob Eggleton, Joshua Ellingson, Carlos Enriquez, FarEast Monsters, Steve Forde, Gargamel, Koji Harmon, Rae Huo, Katope, Frank Kozik, Jing Lee, Jimbo Matison, Mark Miyake, Mark Nagata, Martin Ontiveros, Real x Head, Rumble Monsters, Bwana Spoons, Alex Wald,  and Zakka.   

Toy Karma will also offer show exclusive figures from Cronic, Rumble Monsters, Real x Head, Blobpus, Plaseebo Custom and Max Toy Company . The Blobpus exclusives include the unpainted pink Blobups  plus a painted edition.  We’ll be revealing more Toy Karma Exclusives shortly.

This  is a must-see for Kaiju fans lucky enough to live near Chicago.  Of course, the truly hardcore can and probably will opt to
jump on a flight to catch the show.

Rotofugi Designer Toy Store & Gallery

1953 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

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  1. this is gonna be freakin AWESOME! I can’t wait to hear all the releases, especial real head so i can plan what i want

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