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Aug 26, 2007

Seen: TWEEQiM's 365moons

Husband and Wife duo miQ and THUY3 willmOtt (TWEEQiM Studios) opened their 365moons show at Munky King Melrose this past Thursday (8.23).  A retrospective look at TWEEQiM's first year of output, 365moons featured new and previously shown toy customs, prints on canvas, giclees, protos of the new Marvel Subcasts figures and of course their Green Label Art work including free Dew Lords of the Deep Mountain Dew bottles.

TWEEQiM is well known for their mind-blowing customs.  This time around they created three new customs including  a wicked Vivisect Labbit combining the vinyl figure + a real animal skull.  There were also two new large CiBoy customs with a smaller CiBoy nested inside.   Their amazing  SUGWALA MONDLiPO custom (two SUGs used) and their 'tut inspired 10" Teddy Troop were also on display -- good to be able to see these in the 'flesh'.

While perhaps best known for their 3d figure work in the designer toy scene,  TWEEQiM's illustration work rocks and was available in six different prints -- each available both on canvas (editions of 1) and on giclee (editions of 5). I'm partial to the Ghost Rider one -- too cool.

TWEEQiM participated in the Green Label Art project creating the 'Dew Lords of the Deep' artwork  featured on limited-edition Mountain Dew aluminum bottles.  The bottles were available for free at the show and are cool but don't quite do the art justice.  The 3d lenticular prints on the other hand ROCK -- I wish I could reach out and touch the art, very convincing effect.

Finally, TWEEQiM showed off their newest project -- the Marvel Subcasts figures produced by Upper Deck.   Iron Man is next up, but we're really feeling Ghost Rider and Wolvie.

Props to miQ and THUY3 -- great work as always.  We're looking forward to what the next year brings.

Munky King Melrose
7308 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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The Show Look sssssick! Great customs as usual brotha man! That labbit is freaking nuts!

Miq and Thuy are a class act. Kudos to them!

Wish I was there.

great show M & T - the work was mind blowing!

Bad decision on my part not to go... it looks like there was alot to check out.Must have been an awesome show.. thank you Vinyl Pulse for covering this and for all the rad pictures of the items.

These are more than toys, they're artwork!

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