Nick Mannion’s MOD:1

Nick Mannion combined his love of robots and his desire to participate in the designer toy movement to create MOD:1 — limited-edition robot figures. Shown at this year’s SDCC, MOD:1 is inbound from Nick’s company, Supermodifiedstudios,  with an estimated splashdown of October ’07.   

To convey the hard edged lines of the robot’s design, MOD:1 features ABS construction with considerable articulation and a removable blaster/jet pack accessory.  The accessory can be used as a weapon when installed on the slot on either arm and as a jet pack/engine with the use of the rear torso slot (this configuration is not pictured here).   MOD:1 is a sizeable toy standing 7" tall and at it’s maxium reach – 13" wide.   The first series features six editions: Camo, Coinop, CTRL,  Flame, WIFI, and Zer07. Each edition is limited to a scant 200 pieces.  The figures will retail for £45 ( ~ $90 US). 

Props to Nick for the initiative and risk-taking  of applying the designer toy ethos  to a relatively uncovered genre – bad ass robots and mechs.  It’s refreshing  to see people taking the risk to self-produce their own vision instead of following the safe-path of the  tried and true.