Cardboy CMYK Cartridges Set

Mark James is back with another clever Cardboy figure series dropping shortly.  This time it’s the Cardboy CMYK Cartridges Set featuring four ‘toner’ characters: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black —  constants in  designers’ never-ending quest to bring ideas into living color.     Just like the previous Cardboy toys, you turn the  dope outer packing inside out to create these new figures. Sharp stuff.   The Cardboy CMYK Cartridges Set is produced by Playbeast and distributed by STRANGEco.

4 Replies to “Cardboy CMYK Cartridges Set”

  1. …interesting. I wonder if anyone ever rips into these things instead of folding them out & ends up destroying their toy…? Seems like that would have to happen at least 30% of the time.
    Neat-o concept though. I might have to snatch some up to lord over my desktop.

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