Toy of the Week – MINDstyle’s Buff Monster Art Toys

This week we select MINDstyle’s Buff Monster Art Toys as the Toy(s) of the Week. Series 1 of the 3" blind-boxed figures features nine different designs (8 regular + 1 chase) across 4 different sculpts. These limited-edition figures are limited to just 500 pieces of each design.  Buff Monster’s first original figures bring his signature characters, style and color palette to the vinyl art toy world. Fans of his 2D street and gallery art lined up in the blistering SoCal sun to purchase the figures during this past Sunday’s 2-venue Buff Fest release event; selling out of the release event stock in just over two hours.   The Buff Monster art toys come packaged in a novel "can" shaped container and as with all MINDstyle products come with a numbered collector card. The figures will be available at  art toy retailers starting on Tuesday, July 24th.

About Buff Monster

Buff Monster first made his mark in the LA art scene on the streets. As his wheatpaste art featuring  his bat-like character started to appear on walls along hot spots such as Melrose Ave, people started paying attention. His art delivers adult themes in a friendly, happy,  candy-coated style creating several levels of appeal.   With recent solo shows at Gallery 1988 and Corey Helford Gallery, he has established himself as one of LA’s in-demand artists.

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  1. >> Seriously VP. You’re making real obvious when you give Kaching all this hype. Buff shit is hot but damn…
    Kaching has nothing to do with this product.

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