Seen: Da Festicon @ SDCC (7.26.07)

SDCC is not all about the latest exclusive toys.   After the exhibition hall doors shut, it’s time to PARTY.  STRANGEco and Munky King hosted Da Festicon this past Thursday night (7.26) at Basic featuring live painting by several members of the Pocket Full of Monsters CrewAngry Woebots, Mainframe, Peekaboo Monster, Phallic Mammary, Tragnark, and more.  Turnout was really strong (as you can see in the pics) with many of the artists and industry folks involved in the crazy world of art toys there to have a good time.  Basic turned out to be a great venue — large enough to comfortably accommodate everyone without any lineup at the door, all in  a very relaxed environment.  We’re happy to bring you these shots as the media sponsor.

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