Proto Monday >> MINDstyle’s Vintage Slappy by Brandt Peters

We’re proud to reveal MINDstyle’s Vintage Slappy by Brandt Peters.  This exquisite vinyl figure stands over 16" tall and will drop during the Holiday ’07 season.  Brandt’s paint master of the Vintage Slappy Panda edition pictured above shows off the hobo weapons of choice — a spiked plank and a bomb.  Long-time fans will recognize that the  Vintage Slappy vinyl is based on the extremely rare Slap Happy fine art resin figures.    MINDstyle’s Vintage Slappy is set to deliver a stunning experience — an extremely faithful translation of Brandt Peters’ leading retro art style in a towering 16" figure.  With the 36" T-28, Vintage Slappy and several other large figures in the works, MINDstyle is setting the trend of BIG art toys.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for another sweet dose of Brandt Peters to carry us into the delirious madness that is SDCC.

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  1. Ya gotta love a good healthy dose of cartoon violence… It beats the real thing anyday!!!

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