Play Imaginative’s Protos @ TTF ’07

Play Imaginative’s double sized TTF booth right at the entrance of the show features several new figures including  Touma’s crowd-pleasing Grabbit and Winson Ma’s sick Adam Ape.  Pics + the latest info on colorways and exclusives for these newly released figures is coming shortly.  For our first wave of TTF coverage, we thought we’d focus on the cutting edge — PI’s prototypes of upcoming toys.  HK artists Ultraman  (Ultra King) and Danny Chan (Spooky Porcupine) both have figures in the works.  The sculpts for both  make good use of the 3d medium with an array of visual texture including metal studs, and spiky hair.  Shin Tanaka makes the jump from his hold on paper toys to vinyl with the upcoming TBoy.  The TBoy prototype features sculpted-in stitching along the shirt and contrasts the smoothness of the top-half of the figure with the textured trousers + stylish shoes.   

Following on the heels of the collaborative Plus trexi series, PI is readying an original collabo robot project with tokidoki and DevilrobotsTokidoki’s Astrodemonio + Captain Murder Jr. (pilot) prototype  was at the booth while Devilrobots’ Evil King + Shin. K (pilot) is undergoing final changes and was not on display.  Finally, continuing their experimentation with vinyl growth hormone, PI showed off their giant version of Evirob by Devilrobots.   But wait there’s more… PI’s new brochure tantalizes with new toys by Bloo Empire, Boredom Squeezer, and  Furi Furi.

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  1. Props to Shin T. Glad to see him get a vinyl version.
    I want that big a$$ Evirob.

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