Flash: Sum Protype by Plaseebo Custom

Plaseebo Custom is expanding their line of "American Kaiju" with several new additions including SUM — a dark yet somewhat humorous mix of Kaiju and a discarded object vibe (ala Katamari Damacy or is that Spirited Away?) — check out all the items trapped in Sum’s "tail". The Sum proto is on display at ToyTokyo’s SDCC booth.  Sum will be produced as an LE tinted green translucent vinyl with sprays, a GID skull, and a belly "surprise".

3 Replies to “Flash: Sum Protype by Plaseebo Custom”

  1. HolyMotherofGod!!!!
    It’s my neighbor’s front yard!
    Are there any left?
    I want 10
    You are the man!

  2. ……i think i know the neighbor’s yard you speak of (or maybe every neighborhood has one)……….
    this is the coolest thing i have seen in ages……..i gotta look into where to score this. thnx for shedding light on some dark, jack. i really love the work these guys are doing.

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