Flash: CJ Metzger and Miss Mindy @ SDCC

The Artist Sisters — CJ Metzger and Miss Mindy have their own SDCCbooth decked out with their original art and style. They are showing quite a few varied original art pieces from paintings to metal/wood shaped art, russian nesting dolls and more.  In addition, their new vinyl art toys from MINDstyle — Michievous Maeve and Dink, are available from 1045 showroom and VTN (3dretro).  When we went by the booth, Miss Mindy was hand-painting devil and angel baby qees for the Love Hate show going down this weekend @ Subtext here in SD.

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  1. I love the work these two sisters create; it’s so detailed and whimsical. I can’t wait to see what more they produce.

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