Crazy Label @ TTF ’07

Crazy Label dropped several new toys at TTF including the House of Liu figures from Veggiesomething and Seamour Sheep and Marty Mole from Metin Seven.   Sometime toy pics don’t tell the whole story.  In particular a sense of scale and presence is hard to appreciate. Seamour Sheep is quite nice in person — much larger than I had anticipated.  In particular the head stands out and commands your attention. 

Veggiesomething made the trip from Chicago to Taipei for the debut release of his House of Liu figures —  Di Di and Mei Mei.  In addition to the standard colorway, special all-black editions were available for him to customize for fans.  Finally, the swanky  gold  Rotofugi exclusive editions with an almost brushed appearance were on display.  Of the two,  Mei Mei really stands out with her triple sphere head and hair ribbons. 

Finally, the orange GID Treeson was on display and will be available at SDCC.

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