Proto Monday >> Dink by Miss Mindy

Proto Monday is back with a double header featuring two figures created by the Artist SistersMiss Mindy  and C.J. Metzger — for Kaching Brands.  Kenneth Appel of Kaching Brands explains, "The Artist Sisters reaches
an important segment in collectible figures — the women fans. As the
market continues to grow,  Miss Mindy and CJ Metzger collectively bring
a style and aproach that translates tremendously well in different
mediums.  With books, an animation and other licensed merchandise,
limited edition vinyl art toys are the perfect extention of their

Free-spirited Miss Mindy specializes in whimsical mixed-media art and paintings as well as her own thriving commercial illustration career.  Dink, a cake loving pixie, is Miss Mindy’s first vinyl art toy.
The dainty clothes disguise Dink’s considerable mischevious side.  Two
paint masters of  the 8" Dink figure are shown above, the color edition and the mono
edition.  Dink will also be available in a secret edition.  The LA art scene was recently treated to the creativity and style of Miss Mindy at The Secret Lives of Dolls show which also featured work from her sister, C.J. Metzger.   With Dink’s release at SDCC, the  art toy community will be introduced to her captivating art and animated personality. 

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