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Jun 12, 2007

MAD - Bentworld Vandals

MAD's Bentworld Vandals Series 1 mini-figs  from Kidrobot  feature 10  tools of the trade -- drawing and painting implements.  Each character is 'Bent' with an angled posture and perhaps an equally crooked personality ?  Each marker, brush, roller, comes in two versions -- a 'new' (as it would appear fresh from the hardware megamart) and 'used' (after a hard day beautifying the city).  So that's 20 standard figures + 2 chase -- 'used' has Big Money and Throwie (not pictured) is part of the 'new' faction.   There's a nice variety of sculpts offered -- including the expected - ubiquitous 'S' permanent markers and spray cans to the unexpected -- good 'ol fashion paint rollers  and a few brush characters.

The series has several nice touches that might not be obvious from pictures.  The caps of the marker and spray can characters are removable.  Ala the Fat Caps, the liquid paint-based characters make the tell-tale metallic rattle noise when shaken.  And yes, the paint roller spins.  There's also a little 'extra' in each blind-box.   While both 'used' and 'new' versions of the BWV characters are cool -- the 'used' ones have extra helpings of personality from well-placed splats to  sweet doodles on the caps. 

Bentworld Vandals Series 1 drops in July, so keep your eyes peeled for these splat and doodle loving rebels.

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Congrats Mad - Great Concept! Great Character Design!!!!

Dope! These look incredible.

Great toys!


super nice dooder!

boring! any new ideas!? can`t see those graffiti/hiphop/streetart stuff anymore! its like walking in a circle...


heh, love my set!

Love the expressions on these guys, they came out awesome. Great colors too! Nice work MAD!

Damn! Another cases worth of my $ going to KR. Nice job Mad.

Great style!, Cant wait to get my batch! Great work Mad!

These look fun! Why does Big Money look so sad?

These are FRESH! coping some for sure! big money looks sad cause mo money mo problems,lol

they look like dildo's man LOL!!!

Congrats...you just released something worse than dunnyz. ROFL


hey wake up! are you all blind??? this was done 200 times before! seems like people here do not have any relation to graffiti!!!

come up with something original for christ's sake. IM tired of this same old BS of borrowed and redone ideas....come up with something new and I'll be more inclined to spend money on it.

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