Seen: Vinyl Elements (5.17.07)

After all the planning and prep, Vinyl Elements went down last night (5.17) @ Barracuda on Melrose. Thanks to Jake ( for shooting these great pics.  The response was really strong with a line outside before the doors opened.  The amazing pieces looked great in Barracuda’s space starting with the two sweet T-28’s done by Cameron Tiede and tokidoki. Other fan favorites include Winson Ma’s Fire Bike, Ultra Metal Goon by Ultraman (lots of staring and drooling), and Tim Tsui’s sweet custom Da Minci with a Munny mask ;).

The crowd was steady throughout the night — which was great to see.  Thanks to everyone who came out and helped make VE a success.  Several artists were seen in the crowd — Amanda Visell, Buff Monster, Huck Gee,  Luke Chueh, Ryan Crippen, Sket One, tokidoki and more.  Also seen — Paul Budnitz (KR), Jonathan Cathey (Super Rad Toys), Patrick Lam (Munky King), Ivan (tokidoki), Dov and other industry folks.   The raffle for three black Possessed figures went down at 9:30 to a standing-room only crowd (top picture of this post).  More on the winners, shortly.

The idea behind Vinyl Elements was to bring together top international talent to show off the very best in custom toy art.  Thanks to all the unbelievably talented artists who stepped up to the challenge.  Show piece gallery to come. 

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  1. hey isnt that hurtin guy with the guns on his shirt the one that scammed a bunch of people on the kidrobot messageboard. thats sad people like that are still out partying after scamming money from a toy messageboard lol.

  2. Wow man, you all know how to get the woman out. As in get them out of the way of an event to have a saugage party! What a YMCA locker room freakfest. What was the ratio 93:2 +- 5 … Bunch of dudes dressed up to impress other dudes. I see P B making the scene so maybe this was a toy party at the RAGE. I mean Barracuda
    Oh well, metroxesual is the new “hottie at the party” these days so. Congratulations.
    Wormest Regagged,
    B. L.
    Buss Left( all the girls behind from this scene…)

  3. ^ at least these people aren’t behind the computer watching other people have fun you nerd. you’re one of us man. jerking off to your porno after this post, huh?

  4. wgy does Paul from Kid Robot never smile?
    everyone else looks excited and happy
    Was a great show, congratulations to all involved

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