Seen: Luke Chueh’s Possessed Release (5.18.07)

With a few hard core fans lined up in the wee hours of the morning (3:30 AM apparently), the line for the release of Luke Chueh’s Possessed  at Munky King Melrose stretched around the corner and down the block by the time the doors opened a bit after 3 PM this past Friday (5.18).  Munky King went all out for the event — with the help of the blacked-out front windows, the interior of the darkened store had an eerie red glow.  Prints and customs by  Possessed sculptor Dave Bondi were illuminated by candles mounted on the walls.  Small numbers of collectors were let into the store to purchase prints and figures.  They then went past the velvet curtains to chat with Luke and have him sign their items.   

The Munky King Exclusive Black Possessed allocated for the release sold out quickly and over 300 White Possessed were adopted as well.  After the release / signing ended at 7 PM, Munky King celebrated it’s 1 year anniversary at MK Melrose with a party  at the store and then an after-party downtown.   The toy was well worth the sometimes agonizing wait.  Congratulations to Luke Chueh, Dave Bondi,  Patrick, Chanda, and all the Munky King staff for a job well done.


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  1. great pics jack!
    lol look at the first ones in, soooo tired.
    and angie with a piece of VIP cardboard, lol

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