Mister Cartoon – Lost Angel 2nd Edition

Vinyl Pulse is proud to bring you an exclusive look at the 2nd Edition of Mister Cartoon’s Lost Angel figure dropping in the last week of May / first week of June from Super Rad Toys. Riding high off the success of the launch of the initial Lost Angel figure, this 2nd edition features three colorways, one for each color in the Mexican Flag and plenty of surprises changes from the initial release. Vinyl Pulse will  unveil these one per week starting today with the Green edition (limited to 436 pieces). 

Right away, the green flocked wings jump out and grab your attention.  The other highlights revealed here are the faux gold SA bling [original was silver], the matching green Sidekick and clear green  base,  and the progression of Lost Angel’s tattoos.  As the story moves along, Lost Angel gets more tattoos.  Check out the new indian tat on the right chest.  We’ll take another look at the 2nd edition Lost Angel next week when we reveal a few more surprises.  For all inquiries please contact Eddie.