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For today’s Proto Monday we are pleased to reveal Beezle, a middle management demon who accounts for the toils of lost souls.  The second Angels and Gringos figure was sculpted digitally by gringo Daniel Monahan and is shown here as a rapid-prototype in production-grade thermoplastic material courtesy of the folks at 3D

Beezle stands 4 inches tall from head to foot, but his wingspan is much larger helping him to compensate for his paltry stature when placed next to Sancho and his mighty steed.  He has points of articulation in his wrists, shoulders, neck, and each of his four wings.  His glasses are removable and stay firm in place without the help of pins or holes.

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  1. I’m digging the design.
    Rapid Prototyping/3D Printing is something I’ve always wanted to try to get a vinyl toy out, it’s quite expensive, but it’s definetly easier then sculpting IMO (probably because I have more experience using the likes of 3DS Max and Maya then good ol’ clay or sculpy).

  2. Great looking work, and a nice quirky design too. It’s also great to see a vinyl toy prototype reviewed on this vinyl toy news website!

  3. And folks. Now this is why the vinyl industry will crumble sooner than later…
    Why such a non inspired item. What is the point? Made by machines… What happened to the artist and artisan from the true school of vinyl. Might as well go for sculpts made in china factories like Mr. Carstoon doll.
    Between KcAsHING IN toys AKA never MINDSTYLE and all the new companies faking the funk.
    Its over.

  4. Notice how the tag line for the site has changed from vinyl toys to designer toys? Still too many paintings and not enough actual toy news!

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. We like seeing new toys develop as much as you do.
    poondockSAINT raises a good question about Sancho. We hit a few unforeseen bumps in the road, but now have things back on track. Sancho looks great and we expect an initial release by this year’s SDCC. Keep checking Vinyl Pulse for more news as he will be worth the wait.

  6. Very glad to hear Sancho is doing well. Woo! He looks great & will definitely be a welcome arrival come SDCC. Thanks for the update.

  7. Middle management…yes. He is approachably blue collar, not terribly diabolical. His glasses are the perfect accessory. How do the “wings” serve in his corporate arsenal? How is flight consistent with low level “toil” and “drudgery”? Unless the wings somehow help him get around to his spiteful tasks easier…

  8. comments about kachings and mindstyle seem underlined with jealous trates. They are raising the bar for new companies coming out. you wanna rant go rant about kidrobot and how they claim to make x amount of an item and secretly produce tons more.
    Bottom line is it is not because of kachings or mindstyle that the “industry” is going to shit, its because everyone with no creativity of their own sits around and waits for the new hot trend, be it a human in an animal suit or putting a chainsaw in the hands of some cutesy character, point is, the art game is becoming a bunch of followers instead of creative leaders.
    kachings AND mindstyle is working with some great artists and have $ behind them to produce great products. End of story.

  9. p.s. dont get caught left in the dust, fix your face before it’s too late and your bitterness is not supported by anyone around you and you feel silly. There’s already too much hate in the world with out inner politics of our own scene.

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