Span of Sunset x Disney Runaway Brain Preview – Day 2

Today we bring you an exclusive look at the original colorway of  the Span of Sunset Inc. x Disney Mickey Mouse Runaway Brain figure. This colorway follows the classic Mickey Mouse colors and is based on the Runaway Brain animated short.  The pictured pose shows off Monster5’s detailed sculpt and hints at the numerous dramatic poses made possible by the figure’s 10 points of articulation.  Wholesale inquires should be directed to Be sure to check back tomorrow for the latest exclusive scoop on Runaway Brain.

3 Replies to “Span of Sunset x Disney Runaway Brain Preview – Day 2”

  1. How much? Who will sell? post here if you are a store and you will sell so I can get on the list.
    Sorry for so many questions. Mouse for life.

  2. MouseMIKE: Mickey Mouse Runaway Brain will be available on Monday March 12th in an exclusive advanced sale in the Vinyl Pulse Store (

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