Muttpop: Raw

Since we’ve moved production to a new factory, we’ve had to adapt to
their different process of production. A welcome and unexpected change
to the process is their vinyl approval process. Before doing any paint
tests for the figures, the factory pulls vinyl rotocasts of the figures
from silicone molds. Photos of the vinyl rotocasts are submitted for Muttpop’s
approval.  Curiously, the new factory uses a “non-colored” vinyl that
is a slightly translucent pearl white plastic. The factory sprays the
figures with a mist of brownish-gray paint to accentuate the details of
the figure.
Even in the crude pictures that were sent to us, we knew that both
“Raw” editions of the figures had to be made. Here they are. “Raw” and
“Smoked” versions of El Panda, Red Demon, and Mini Gobi. As with
previous Raw editions, each figure comes in an unprinted package and a
super limited run. Only 20 figures of each “Raw” and “Smoked” figure
will be made.

7 Replies to “Muttpop: Raw”

  1. These feel more like Qee than the original RAW Tequila & El Panda figures were. Interesting though. BTW – haven’t seen any El Panda customs. Are they out there? Anybody know/gotpics?

  2. What’s up folks. Thanks for your responses.
    We’re looking to sell these exclusively through our Website Newsletter. If you requested to subscribe to the newsletter at you should get an e-mail newsletter sometime this week. If you haven’t received anything by Friday that means you ought to send us another e-mail. An e-mail announcement regarding the Raws and Smoked figures will probably go out in late April (around the time the figures have safely arrived). As with the El Panda Original Raw, we will do a lottery system to ensure that everyone has a fair chance at a Raw and/or Smoked figure.
    Good luck and thank you.
    -Muttpop Bob

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