Seen: Buff Monster – One in the Pink (2.01.06)

One in the Pink featuring the art of Buff Monster opened last night at Gallery 1988 on Melrose.  The show featured several original paintings, vintage porn ephemera,  a small number of art on found objects, six very reasonably priced large prints (20" x 20") and a large wall mural.  The paintings featured Buff’s signature characters and adult confectionery images and did not disappoint.  Several of the paintings featured excellent textured elements such as attached "beads" (?) and at least one had a rippled surface.  While primarily fine art pieces, the use of textures invokes a sense of "found" objects and  is a clever way of injecting a connection to Buff’s street art.  Be sure to check out the close-up detail shots in the gallery (after the jump) to see what I’m rambling on about (rather confusingly!). 

The six prints including the four Squirt prints were clearly the draw for most of those who made it out to the show.  Each Squirt print measured 20" x 20", was limited to just 50 signed and numbered pieces and sold for a very affordable forty dollars.  The line to purchase the prints steadily grew and grew throughout the night.

Buff spent most of his time chatting with collectors, signing toys and prints, and doodling in sketch books.  The  informal atmosphere of the show was a nice change of pace and really served to connect the artist to his fans.  Unfortunately Buff also has his share of  detractors which necessitated some of the tightest security I’ve seen at an LA art opening.  Perhaps that’s the price of mixing genres, but art’s not really art (IMO) if everyone thinks it’s aces. 

One in the Pink featuring the art of Buff Monster runs through March 1st, 2007.  The available artwork can be viewed online and purchased by contacting Gallery 1988.  Click through to the full post for the full gallery (some pieces are NOT work-safe).

Gallery 1988
7020 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038