Ron English @ NYCC

Ron English, master of billboard popaganda, created roughly 40 hand-customized SupersizeMe figures for a very special release at NYCC across two signings on Friday and Saturday at the Toy Tokyo booth.. As you can imagine, the line to purchase one of these one-of-a-kind pieces formed early on Friday.  20 fortunate collectors came up to the table one by one and were able to select from a small number of displayed customs (3-4 were shown at a time).  When #20 stepped up to the table, it was decided that since there were only 2 remaining figures to choose from for Friday’s allotment she was given the option of returning on Saturday for a bigger choice.  Wisely, she asked to purchase the extremely rare all-white SupersizeMe figure on display. Ron nodded, and now she’s the envy of many a collector. 

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  1. English is one of the coolest cats i have met. His painting and graphics are inspiring to boot. They say never meet your idols, because you will be disapointed. Not here. Thanks for the chat Ron (NYCcomic~con.

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