IWG Special Ops: Special Bear Service + Force Recon Covert Black

Rocket World and STRANGEco are about to unleash two I.W.G. Special Ops Packs (3 figures each) featuring all new colorways of the brave animal warriors.    Beware bad humans — the Special Bear Service and Force Recon Covert Black are ready to put an end to your evil habitat destroying ways!    The Special Bear Service consists of a trio of deadly bear operatives — Henson the polar bear, Sun Tzu the panda bear and Septimus the black bear.  The Force Recon Covert Black members see you but can you spot Odysseus the Otter, Ocho the feral alien, and Hannibal the Gorilla?  Both Special Ops Packs will be released in late March ’07 and retail for $22 each.