FLCL Canti X Cameron NYCC Exclusive

We featured several of the new FLCL Canti Series 2 artist crossover editions from Kaching Brands this past Friday.  Today we take a closer look at  Cameron Tiede’s colorful NYCC Exclusive Canti which is limited to just 100 pieces total and will be available at the Kaching Brands booth (#639).     Btw,  you heard it here first — Cameron is set to impress in ’07 with more art toys than you can count on two hands. 

2 Replies to “FLCL Canti X Cameron NYCC Exclusive”

  1. Can’t say as I’m a huge fan of this paint job but I applaud the decision to take it in a bold and unexpected direction. Doesn’t work for me but at least it’s crazy different from anything else I’ve seen.

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