Huck Gee – custom GOLD HMNI Dunny’s

This just in from our resident art spy, Clay C., in addition to the regular 8" HMNI Dunnys, Huck Gee will have these lovely gold custom versions at tomorrow’s mega-event at the Downtown LA Standard Hotel. Oooh… Shiny!

One Reply to “Huck Gee – custom GOLD HMNI Dunny’s”

  1. By the way, in the background on the left of the pic you can see one of Huck’s customs that is still avaialable, the Skullhead Drifter.
    I have to say, I have NO idea why someone hasn’t snatched this up – With Mr. Bunny over $1000 recently (for one of an edition of 400), this one-of-a-kind piece is gonna look like an absolute STEAL in a few years (if not sooner). I have one of Huck’s custom Skullheads from the Boomerang show, and it is so stunning, he is SO talented … anyway, someone is gonna be very happy they got that Drifter one day. CC

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