Angels and Gringos – Sancho Proto Spotted

Having been MIA for almost 3 months now, Daniel and Johnny Monahan
have been ratcheting up their search for Sancho’s prototype.  Their
search ultimately led them to a remote desert oasis, wherein they
found Sancho whacked out on fumes from the factory and stripped of
his sarape.  Seizing the opportunity, they snapped some pics of the
illusive piece. Placing the upmost priority on high-quality,  Daniel and
Johnny are working with the factory to ensure that the final product
maintains all the character and detail of the original resin casting.  Unfortunately no firm release date can be set at this point,
but information will be made available as it is revealed to the
producers. Here are a few pictures of the first batch of vinyl
castings.  Hope you enjoy.

2 Replies to “Angels and Gringos – Sancho Proto Spotted”

  1. I’m really glad to know Sancho lives! Although, no one likes to wait, I’m sure it’ll be quite worth it. Gracias for the update.

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