Jul 05, 2006

STRANGEco at SDCC Update (booth 4629)

So this is the first VP post written from Taipei though it's not about TTF (patience, grasshopper!). Here's the latest word on all things STRANGEco for SDCC.  Their signining schedule is pretty impressive with top-flight talent each day of the 'con.

Thursday, July 20, 2006:
noon - 1:30 pm: TOUMA
3:00 - 4:30 pm: MARS-1

Friday, July 21, 2006:
noon - 1:30 pm: JERMAINE ROGERS
3:00 - 4:30 pm: PETE FOWLER

Saturday, July 22, 2006:
noon - 1:30 pm: FRIENDS WITH YOU

Sunday, July 23, 2006:
noon - 1:30 pm: NATHAN JUREVICIUS

In addition to the packed signing schedule, STRANGEco has announced a few new SDCC toy releases.

Pete Fowler continues the excellence of his Monsterism series with the first variant of the Batskull Larvae figure, Fire Bone Fly.  This larger size vinyl figure is an SDCC exclusive limited to 100 pieces.

In addition to the newest of Nathan Jurevicius's Minitreehouse figures, Bennzi, STRANGEco will release a 2-pack of Bennzi's crocodiles with a random assortment between five special color versions.  This one has a promo attached to it -- score either the silver or gold version and win Bennzi figures. See the full announcement for all the details.

Moving right along...  Fans of Jermaine Rogers will want to make sure to pick up this SDCC Squire decked out in blue with GID eyes. This is the last of the Squire variants.  This one is a super-small run of just 50 pieces.  Plus, there's a special Jermaine Rogers surprise to be unveiled on preview night (July 19th).

Fans of Touma's Goon will have something to smile about at SDCC.  STRANGEco will have two monochromatic special Goons (gray and black) designed for customization by Touma which will only be available for his Thursday signing.   If you've ever seen the amazing detail and quality of Touma's on-the-spot on-toy sketches, you're already drooling ;-)

Finally, so you've seen the regular colorway of the tokidoki Mozzarella figure, but have you seen the mystery  variant?  Neither have we, but it's coming on preview night... Plus, there will also be special edition Invisible Plan figures from MARS-1.

Check out the official announcement for  the full rundown on all the STRANGEco signings and releases at SDCC.  If you're going to SDCC, be sure to scope out STRANGEco at booth 4629.

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Jul 03, 2006

JIP's Mc Donkey @ SDCC

Updated: Price
Whoa...  Here's Mc Donkey designed by NYC artist, JIP, for Official VIVE. This dual personality urban take on the commercial icon stands 8" tall.  The pictured SDCC version is limited to  150 pieces with 100 hand-numbered pieces available for $74.99 each at ToyQube's booth ( # 4537).  We're digging this figure.  The color scheme and two-faced design give it a sleek and creepy look and more importantly, vibe.  This makes a  nice darker counterpart to Ron English's recently released MC Supersize.

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Keith Poon's Kanser @ SDCC

Here's a look at Kanser designed by Keith Poon of ToyQube.  This Hermit-crab stands 6" tall and comes with a removable helmet.  100 pieces of the  limited Starry edition (run of 120)  will be available  for $39.99 at ToyQube's SDCC booth #4537.

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Sam Fout's Project Neptoon Protos

Playstix  (Play Imaginative's Vinyl Division) is kicking things into high gear.  Here are painted protos of Sam Fout's excellent Project Neptoon vinyl figures.  Word is that these will be ready for SDCC (fingers crossed).   While these are late-stage protos, they may differ slightly from the finished product.  This summer's shaping up really nicely. 

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David Horvath's Mothman: Eye Witness Type @ SDCC

David Horvath's 5.5" Mothman is the latest (3rd) original figure in Wonderwall's Kaiju for Adults Series.  While this one has been kept tightly under wraps until recently, the the Eye Witness Type Edition will be available as an SDCC exclusive through DKE ToysMothman: Eye Witness Type is limited to 36 pieces for SDCC (80 total) for $80 each. Picture  and info courtesy of Wonderwall.


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Jul 02, 2006

Super7 Exclusives @ SDCC

Super7 will be bringing a treasure trove of exclusive figures to SDCC for sale at their booth (#4729). Here's the rundown on these recently announced toys:


This new figure designed by Brian Flynn is one of the first american-designed figures produced by Secret Base.  This limited GID version  of Brian's take on the SB Ghostfighter will set you back $60. Frankenghost is also going lifestyle with a retro-style drinking glass limited to 144 pieces for $10 each.

Skull King

This wicked 12" figure is a collab piece between Super7 and Skull Toys.  Cast in clear orange and black vinyl, this one is limited to just 50 pieces.  We'll see if we can get additional shots of the rear and entire body.

Meltdown Godzilla

This giant-sized GID  Meltdown Godzilla from Marusan and Super7 is limited to 50 pieces and will retail for $150.  Godzilla fans, time to save up.

Spirit Ghostfighter

The latest Super7 x Secret Base colorway of the popular Ghostfighter pairs yellow and green highlights with clear vinyl.  This one will come blind-bagged ($60) with the possiblity of receiving the red and black accented chase variant.


This black version of the 15" Kittyfire is the last release of the Super7 x Tsuburaya Production figure.  Limited to 90 pieces, this will be available at the booth for $90.  While orange/red colorways are perhaps more in-character, this black colorway is pretty slick.

Steven the Bat

Yes!  It's finally here.  This S7 exclusive colorway  of Bwana Spoons's 5" figure of his signature character is limited to 200 pieces for $35 each.  We're really excited about this figure and our fingers are crossed that Bwana will  also have other editions available at the show.

So... If you're even remotely a fan of japanese fighting monsters or kaiju, be sure to drop by Super7's booth (#4729)

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Jul 01, 2006

Kidrobot SDCC Signing Schedule

Click for Larger Version

Last year, Kidrobot's booth was all about mystery exclusives and signings which were wildly popular with lines criss-crossing all over the convention center.  This year in booth #4529 , they've got another nice lineup including what might be the first toy from, Greg "Craola" Simkins

Wednesday, July 19th (preview night)
6 PM Special Mystery Toy Release

Thursday, July 20th
2 PM, Mystery Toy Signing with Craola

Friday, July 21st
12 PM, Mystery Toy Signing with Deph
3 PM Mystery Toy Signing with Sket One

Saturday, July 22
11AM Myster Toy Signing with Frank Kozik and Joe Ledbetter
2 PM Deph Signing

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Toy2R Signing Schedule at SDCC

Toy2R will host a large number of signings at the Blackwater booth (#4636).  For a few signings (marked with **), 12 pieces of a new mystery colorway of the selected artists' figures will be available as a sort of preview of the upcoming colorways for $100.  Hmm, are these new colorways in addition to the already announced SDCC ones?  Will check on it.

7/20 THU   11:00 AM  RUN
                  3:00 PM  Gary Baseman (**)
                  4:00 PM  Jeff Soto (**)
                   5:00 PM  Raymond Choy at Action Figure Times Presents: Toy Maker Q & A (+)

7/21 FRI     11:00 AM  Joe Ledbetter
                   3:00 PM  Voltaire
                   5:00 PM  Tim Biskup (**)

7/22 SAT     11:00 AM  David Horvath & Sun-Min Kim
                     3:00 PM  SEEN
                     5:00 PM  Voltaire

7/23 SUN     11:00 AM  KOZIK

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Toy Tokyo SDCC Signing Schedule

SDCC is four days of craziness full of exclusives and of course toy signings.  Toy Tokyo's signing schedule is packed with premiere artists and the promise of mystery exclusives ;-) Word is Thundermutt might make an appearance at some point. Other good stuff as well.  Be sure to drop by TT at Booth #5325.

Thursday July 19th
11AM to 12PM  Dirty Donny and Dave Burke
12PM to 1PM - Chris Ryniak and Mike Burnett
1PM to 2PM - TOBY HK
4PM to 5PM - Paul Huang and Benjamin Lee ( Creators of Nanospores)

Friday July 20

11AM to 2PM - Craig Frasier & Deb Mahan and Ron Mann
12PM to 1PM - Chris Ryniak and Mike Burnett
2PM to 3PM - Tristan Eaton
3PM to 4PM - TBA
4PM to 5PM - TBA

Saturday July 21
11AM to 12 Noon - Nathan Jurevicius
12 Noon to 1PM - Pete Fowler
1PM to 2PM - Tim Biskup
2PM to 3 PM - Ron English
3PM to 4PM - Mori Chak (gloomy Originator)
4PM to 5PM - SEEN

Sunday July 22
11AM to 2PM  Nathan
12PM to 1PM    Pete
1:30 PM to 2PM  David Horvath
2PM to 3 PM  Ron English
3PM to 4PM TBA
4PM to 5PM TBA

List is subject to change.

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Update: Toy Toyko Exclusives @ SDCC

Wow, Toy Tokyo has it going on for SDCC.  In addition to the previously announced exclusives, they will also have the following (plus more still up their sleeves) toys available at booth #5325:

Pete Fowler SDCC Exclusive TRWG -  Nice.  Pete Fowler's designs are top notch, can't wait to see this at the booth.

Spanky  Toy Tokyo Exclusive Wonderfulman (40 pieces) from Headlock Studios-  Headlock Studios produces  toys with a unique look that blend Japanese design with American pop cutural references.  The three Wonderfulman  -- Ziro, Bangcyo, and Subro -- will  apparently also be available in powder blue at Taipei Toy Festival (not from TT).

Limited Edition 13" Frankenberry Bobblehead ?GID? -  Interesting --  light pink GID?  Will verify and update this.  Also, look for other cereal character-based toys from TT in the future. Available for preorder for $29.99.

RatFink - Big Daddy Roth's  iconic character that spurred the lowbrow movement  is available in gold (200 pieces) and silver (100).

Thanks to Toy Tokyo for the larger images of their SDCC toys.

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Jun 30, 2006

Gwin Series 2 @ SDCC

Almost exactly a year after the introduction of Series 1, Gwin Series 2 will drop at SDCC from October Toys (booth #4535).  This follow-on series of lovable penguin figures features seven designs pictured above (l to r) by  Kruse, El Maz, Alex Pardee, ChristieCharlotte Link, Voltaire and C. SpliedtEach design is limited to 400 pieces and available for pre-order at gwinarmy.com for $10 per figure or $63.00 for all seven.  Our pick for creative design is Dragwin by Charlotte Link which rorates the figure on it's back to create a Dragon's head. 

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36" Tetsujin Vinyl

Tetsujin 28, Japan's original giant robot, is about to make a big impact. People are probably a bit in shock after the news and debut pics on Barracuda (ultra swanky Melrose Ave. lifestyle boutique) x Tetsujin 28 on Jamie O'shea's Supertouch blog.  Here's a little more info on this sweet toy. Standing at 3 feet tall, Tetsujin 28 is a must have vinyl figure for fans of old-school robots and designer toy collectors. Vinyl is going big and T-28 ups the ante a few notches.  Limited to 888 pieces (inclusive of all editions), this will be a highly sought after toy so stay on your toes!   Pictures are nice but there's nothing quite like seeing this towering vinyl up close for yourself.   Lucky fans in Los Angeles will be able to get a first-hand peek of the production sample at the 15th Anniversary Anime Expo this weekend.  While you're there be sure to check out Geneon Entertainment's booth for the release of the live-action T-28 DVD. 

This is the kind of toy that commands attention from collectors, non-collectors and celebrities including  R&B singer Misa who  helped to unpack the amazing T-28 figure.  You’ll be able to meet both T-28 and Misa  at the Kaching Brands / Level 5 booth (#4521) at SDCC.  Check back on Monday for the latest photographs and information on what's shaping up to be one of the premiere toy releases of the year.

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SDCC Exclusive Your Momma from Thunderdog Studios

Now we're talking.  For SDCC,  Thunderdog Studios will  drop the vinyl we've been eagerly waiting for since this year's Toy Fair back in February.   Tristan Eaton's Your Momma will be available in an SDCC exclusive black and silver edition at the Thunderdog Party on Saturday, July 22nd in a location  shrouded in darkness, innuendo and subterfuge (join the Thunderdog mailing list for the exact coordinates).  The SDCC edition of this uncompromising 10" figure is limited to 100 pieces and will sell for $150.  Beyond the strong art and design, this one is loaded with removable slippers, removable hair, baseball hat, baseball bat, secret baby, cigarette, pearl necklace and above all else, maternal attitude. 

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Jun 29, 2006

Mizna Wada @ SDCC

We've got exciting news.  Tokyo-based artist Mizna Wada will be attending SDCC courtesy of Kaching Brand.  Mizna created the HA-CHOO Monkey Style Boxing figure. With her upcoming visit we also have good news for people who purchase the  VP Exclusive of HA-CHOO.  While the only way to purchase this blue edition is to purchase it from VP Exclusives, we have a cool "delivery" option for those of you going to SDDC.  If you are planning to attend SDCC, you can opt to pick up your VP HA-CHOO  at the Kaching Brand booth and then have Mizna sign it for you at a scheduled signing.    So this way you avoid shipping charges, get to meet Mizna and have her sign your toy. 

The Vinyl Pulse Exclusive HA-CHOO Monkey Style Boxing goes on sale at VP Exclusives this Friday (6.30) @ 3 PM pacific and is limited to just 100 pieces.  Figures will ship by July 15.

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Jun 27, 2006

Tigerlily Vinyl from Gama-Go @ SDCC !

Very cool.  Gama-Go will release the long-rumored 6.5" Tigerlily vinyl at their SDCC booth (#4838).  Tigerlily is dressed to kill in a flocked Tiger suit with a revolver accessory.  This cute and memorable figure is limited to 500 pices and will set you back $60.  Tim Biskup's daughter is living a charmed life ;-)  Great parents and now her OWN toy.  Talk about "show and tell" ;-)

Source: Limitedaddiction.net

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Max Toy Company @ SDCC

Max Toy Company has a full slate of exclusives and debuts for the toy insanity of San Diego Comic-Con.  Some of these toys are still in production with anticipated air shipment for the 'con, so keep your fingers crossed.  As if this wasn't enough, Max Toy Co will be sharing their booth with Gargamel.  Need your japanese vinyl fix at SDCC?  Make sure you drop by Max Toy Company @ booth #5323

Let's dive in.  First up is the really nice looking glow-in-the-dark edition of Captain Maxx.  This one stands 9.5" tall, is limited to 75 pieces and will go for $40.

Next up, there's the 4.5" GID Ice Blue Alien Xam finger puppet.  This baby is limited to 100 pieces and will set you back $20.

Oooh, crossover!  SDCC will be the place to pickup the Gargamel x Max Toy Company Mini Clear Red Zagaron.  This one is limited to 50 painted pieces and 20 unpainted figures (Toy Club members only) and will sell for $30.

Finally, we have my favorites of this crop: Retro Kikaida figures.  These 9.5" figures will debut at the 'con in both standard and clear mechanical (w/paper inserts) editions for $40 each.  The clear mechanical one is a must-have (at least IMO). 

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Jun 26, 2006

Span of Sunset x Disney Cheshire Cat Available Now

The long-awaited Cheshire Cat vinyl from Span of Sunset x Disney has officially been unleashed, breathing 3D life into Lewis Caroll's classic feline.  This sweet  8"  figure was sculpted by Monster5 and the clever box was designed by Nathan Cabrera.  The black on black and original GID colorways are now available directly from Span of Sunset (physical store and online) for $100 each.   If you want the "Mickey Pants" version you'll have to make the trip to the SoS store on Sunset Blvd.  Finally the Hypnotic GID edition is an SDCC exclusive.  For more pics of the Cheshire Cats check out our previous report.

Span of Sunset
7527 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA. 90046

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Hater from Chris Ryniak at SDCC

Chris Ryniak's Hater resin figures will be available at the San Diego Comic-Con  from Toy Tokyo (booth # 5325).  Hater measures 4 inches tall and both the standard and the platinum grill edition is limited to 25 hand-made and hand-painted pieces

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Jun 24, 2006

Plus Trexi Series: Devilrobots + Tokidoki

The new PLUS Trexi Series from Play Imaginative is a crossover concept pairing a Western Designer with an Eastern designer.  The first series combines Devilrobots + Tokidoki and will be available in July at TTF and SDCC.   There are  12 3" designs for this series (6 per artist) with one mystery from each artist.  The PLUS Series is a nice twist on crossovers that pares down and focuses the concept of a designer series.  Next up, Joe Ledbetter + Touma. Exciting stuff.

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Jun 22, 2006

Grand Theft Auto goes Kubrick @ SDCC

Video game phenomena, Grand Theft Auto, is making the jump to designer toys with a line of Grand Theft Auto Vice City Kubricks from Medicom.  These will debut at SDCC in Toy Tokyo's booth (#5325).  Stay tuned for pics and more info as we get it. 

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Jun 21, 2006

Wheaty Wheat's SDCC Plans

WWS Map (click for larger)

Wheaty Wheat will be offering weary SDCC goers a refuge at 5 & A Dime (Toy/Lifestyle store) on G Street in the Gas Lamp Quarter.  They've got some cool stuff in store including WWS exclusive Zliks, daily raffles for AP Ice Cat, Fire Cat and Mr. Bunny figures by Joe Ledbetter (check the flier for specifics), new prototypes, and a daily barbecue (From Thursday on). 

5 & A Dime
828 G Street
San Diego, CA 92101

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Mizna Lens Lollipop Girl @ SDCC

Lollipop Girl is Mizna Wada's first vinyl figure in her Mizna Lens series from Kaching Brands.  Her "smypathetic goth" approach is on full display with this piece which comes with a skull-shaped base.  The sculpt by Vin Teng breathes 3D life into  Mizna's art  with the detailed sculpted hair and the subtly sculpted facial details.  Lollipop girl stands 9 inches tall and is limited to 888 pieces (588 color, 300 goth).  She will drop at SDCC on July 19th at  the Kaching Brands booth for $49.99.  Keep an eye on this space for a glimpe of the second Mizna Lens vinyl to be released at SDCC.

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Jun 20, 2006

Touma's Magman from Wonderwall

SDCC Magman by Touma

Magman by Touma is the second and newest figure in Wonderwall's Kaiju for Grownups series.  The wait is almost over with the first two colorways about to drop.  The first is an SDCC Black/Silver spray limited to 100 pieces (50 for SDCC, 50 for Japan) and there's also green/purple spray limited to 200 pieces.  This is a great addition to the series.  It's interesting to note how the colorway really affects the overall vibe and mood of the piece from menacing to slightly spunky. We'll try to have additional details for you soon.

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Jun 19, 2006

Wheaty Wheat Studios @ SDCC

Wheaty Wheat's going stealth with its SDCC plans.  Their booth location and toy releases for the big events will be announced as we get closer to THE show (July 19th thru the 23th). 

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Jun 16, 2006

Flapjack Toys: Symptoms and Spooky Kookys

Flapjack Toys is a brand-new company from Mike Becker (formerly with FunKo).  After being out of the toy biz for a year, Mike's back with two new vinyl toy lines - Symptoms and Spooky Kookys. These new toys have a definite retro-tinged charm.  The Symptoms toys offer a tongue-in-cheek look at life's troubles.  The Symptoms come fittingly packaged in a large presciption bottle ;-)  The Spooky Kookys are Flapjack's ghoulish yet giddy monster crew.  Thanks to Mike Becker for pics of the new Flapjack toys. To find out more about these new toy lines, check out the incredibly well-done animated flapjacktoys.com website  and go exploring, lots of gems there.    If you're going to SDCC be sure to check out the Flapjack booth. 

Mike Becker

Spooky Kookys - El Rey



Symptoms - Depression

Dry Skin


Hot Flashes

Itchy Scalp

Shortness of Breath


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