Devilrobots – Smery

With their Tofu-head characters and toys, Devilrobots have spread the lore of Tofu, the mostly tasteless asian staple, far and wide.  Their latest Tofu-head, Smery, honors the hold-your-nose Taiwanese delicacy — stinky tofu (fermented). Clever name 😉  Devilrobots have teamed up with Phalanx on a 5" vinyl Smery figure in three "flavors" — standard, spicy, and wasabi.  Based on machine-translation, Spicy and Wasabi will be limited to 500 pieces each. The Standard figure will retail for $1000ntd (~ $31.00).

Smery will also be available in 1.5" keychain and  mobile phone (w/strap) versions.  The mobile phone edition will come in two versions — pinched nose (stinky!) and normal (brave soul).  The keychain edition will retail for $250 NTD (~ $7.70)  and the mobile phone edition will go for $290 NTD (~ $8.90).

So keep any eye out for Smery and if you’re feeling really adventurous, give stinky tofu a try.

Source: Pixie News

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  1. Does anyone have Devilrobots’ email?? I need to get in contact with them and can’t find it anywhere. Thanks!

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