Touma’s mini exhibition III: Maocats (11.20.06)

Touma’s mini exhibition III opening tomorrow (11.20.06) @ Fewmany in Japan stars his newest figure Maocat.  In addition to  the clear blue Maocats, Touma has created two small series of custom MacCats — 10 Lucha Libre Maocats with resin masks, and 31 Mike Maocats each with different brown and black spray patterns.   Check out all the Maocats over @ Fewmany’s exhibition page. Based on past exhibitions,  we believe Fewmany is accepting  overseas orders — email for inquiries.

3 Replies to “Touma’s mini exhibition III: Maocats (11.20.06)”

  1. I LOVE Touma an dhave been following his work since before Toy2R BUT this looks like ha just farted and someone made a figure happen
    why is it that the popular atists just seem to get lazy or overextended

  2. Actually I think the Maocats are a very strong release–still clearly in the “Touma family” but with a whole new aesthetic. And the quality of these Japanese-made figs kills 95% of the other stuff out there.

  3. No question on quality
    Japan vinyl is best in terms of quality
    I just think that looking at Toumas work, this design in particular shows very little thought or imagination

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