tokidoki Moofia

Simone Legno’s tokidoki characters are extremely popular wherever they appear from LeSportsac handbags (which seem to be everywhere) to the recent designer toys produced by STRANGEco.  Fueled by the signature tokidoki aesthetic and a moderate price point, the tokidoki Cactus Friends and Mozzarella have done extremely well.  So what’s next?  Blind-boxed.  tokidoki.  The tokidoki Moofia minifigure series from STRANGEco  featuring eight dairy themed figures  is scheduled for a winter holiday ’06 release.  Moofia?  The Moofia (pun intended!) led by Mozzarella (previously released) fight against the tyranny of school lunch bullies, making the cafeteria safe once again 😉  Keep an eye out for the Moofia as they will sell quite quickly this holiday season.

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