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Nov 07, 2006

Sir Hillary Pine-Coffin by Doktor A

And the hits keep on coming ;-)  Sir Hillary Pine-Coffin is the latest  by Doktor A and continues his passion for steampunk by way of a custom Teddy Troop.  For the curious, Sir Hillary is the intrepid "rear Admiral of the 117th Semi Mechanised".  We can't to see more of Dok's steampunk universe unfold in toy form.

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Why even bother doing a custom? The standard was set by the Doctor and he raises the bar all the time! Hey Doc, give us a chance to catch up!! :D


This is the Dok's best custom yet. Holy Shit man, you knocked it out of the park.

KILLER, did i say KILLER!

Brilliant as always, Dok!

\m/ @[email protected] \m/

Another great custom piece of Work from the Dok.:)

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