Proto Monday >> Mister Cartoon

Mister Cartoon, legendary LA tattoo and graff artist, is about to also have his own designer vinyl figure by way of  SA Studios and Super Rad ToysLost Angels stands 14" tall with white flocked angel wings. An iconic character and alter-ego of sorts for Mister Cartoon, the Lost Angels figure is covered with his signature tattoos on his chest, back, arms, stomach and shoulders.  The pad printing on these tattoos should be quite challenging —  we’re looking forward to checking out the final results.

Urban style? From head to toe.  Check out these accessories.. Joker Brand cut ‘n sew clothes, two sets of  Mister Cartoon x Nike shoes — Cortez and Air Force 1’s,  SA Studios necklace, T-mobile sidekick accessory complete with 180 degree swivel screen, boomboox complete with Mister cartoon tag.  Packaged in a flip-up window box, Mister Cartoon will be available in four limited-edition colorways starting with the initial  gray mono colorway dropping in January ’07 and will retail for $130.00.  It’s reassuring to see different voices putting their art and work out there in the designer toy game. 

One Reply to “Proto Monday >> Mister Cartoon”

  1. great artist, fantastic idea but I am iffy on the execution
    so far the sculpt looks pretty weak the wings look like they have been ripped from the Spawn “wings of Redemption” Figure.
    Flocking the wings in white is a huge mistake think of all the dust and grime accumilating on it
    hope it comes off looking decent Cartoon Deserves it.
    Good Luck

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