Muttpop ’07

In addition to Red Demon, Muttpop has a lot in store for the upcoming year. Here’s a tease at a few of the things coming from Muttpop in 2007! These sculpts look really tight — though of course you and I wish we could see more 😉  Love the intricate teeth on the character in the 3rd picture. Any guesses on the identities of these figures? 

9 Replies to “Muttpop ’07”

  1. Thats hot Muttpop is at it again.:)
    Now to clear up a spot in the display case to add these new hotness to my collection.

  2. WOW the look is so fresh on the faces of second and thrid images, real good capture of the 2d into 3d realm. Why would muttpop post a picture of the first one. No definintion of features. I hope master five fixes it before release. I can not wait to see the poses for these guys. That is the most exiting part i wait for from Muttpop products!

  3. Yo larry, that first one is a dude from The Formidables, I think. He wears a mask; I think that’s why the features are flatter. Monster Five! … rules.

  4. Mr Destruction !!! Vive la France !!
    Gobi ! Vive la propreté !!
    and King Katch !! Viva Muttpop !!!

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